What is Vicinity Ministries?

Vicinity Ministries is a network of mission outposts throughout central and southeast Ohio. These mission outposts provide discipleship, friendship, community, and encouragement through a "micro-congregation" method.

The vision is to lose the steeples, brick, mortar, politics, and money-based ministries, and just get back to Jesus. There are towns, villages, and neighborhoods that we can reach through mission outposts that brick and mortar never could. This is a biblical model of the faith community and discipleship as a whole.

How It Works

> Find a home, coffee shop, restaurant to meet in

> Set up a mission outpost leader(s), and set the frequency of meetings

> Train and equip the leader(s) with resources to reach their area

> Begin connecting with community to reach people for Christ

The pastoral staff continually puts discipleship materials, videos, outreach ideas, and other resources into "buckets" that the mission
outpost leader can access.

The people who lead the mission outpost can then pull from these resources to disciple their friends, neighbors, and others.

YOU can be a part of a discipleship group, or start one! You can check out our Vicinity Network page to see what mission outposts we currently have going strong.

Vicinity Ministries is a Nazarene Congreation

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