We believe that the Word of God can edify a believer to become a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ

Why discipleship-first?

     I have been a part of churches before where we became extremely effective in gathering people.  We could do the right things and say the right words and in came the people to church.  However, we had a glaring weakness: we were not making disciples, on gathering crowds.

      Christ gave us this command in Matthew 28 to “Go and make disciples.” Churches sometimes get so crowded with programs, events, politics, and even money that they forget the call to make disciples of the land.  The first brushstroke from God onto the canvas of Vicinity is this call to discipleship.  We have a discipleship-first mission to answer this call and to follow this vision.

      We love to have fun and we enjoy the fellowship so much! However, if there are people that are in our churches but are not being fed and are not growing in Christ as a discipled believer, then we have missed our goal.


-Pastor Joshua D. Cook