Church Everywhere Outlook

Where is the church?

     We have all heard the phrase, “We do not go to church, we are the church.”  Perhaps the phrase may be a bit over used, but it is still true! If we are the church, and God abides in us through the Holy Spirit, then the church can literally be anywhere.

      Vicinity Ministries is not an abandonment of the Sunday morning setting, but rather the openness to ministry happening with or without a building, steeple, and parking lot. 

     Collectively, we are all the Church.  As separate groups (that we call mission outposts) we are congregations.  We congregate, or come together, in certain places.   For Vicinity Ministries, we come together in various places.

     Why not a house?  Why not a park?  Perhaps a coffee house, library, or college dorm.  The church can meet anywhere for prayer, discipleship, worship, and fellowship. This is how we reach various towns, cultures, and people groups.

 -Pastor Joshua D. Cook