Faith & Innovation Meet

Innovation is everywhere

     Everything that you consume holds some form and amount of innovation. Your car has innovation, your home has innovated products, even the food at your local restaurant has innovation involved.  Innovation is simply a new method, idea, or product.

     But the innovation I mentioned above is just for cars, home products, and cheeseburgers.  As Christians, we hold the answers for eternal life in Christ.  If there were ever an area of life that was worth innovation, it is the ministry of the gospel.  If it took a new method or idea to reach your child, family member, or neighbor for Christ, would you lay down your preference for church and pick up that innovation and use it to see that person saved?

     This is why Vicinity Ministries exists. God has brought us to a vision of utilizing a new method to make disciples.  It does not change who God is or what we believe about Him through Scripture, only the way we usher that gospel to people.  It is the answer to the question, “How do we get into people’s vicinity and share with them the hope of Christ and make disciples?”


Connecting Faith & Innovation

       At Vicinity, we believe that connecting inovation of this model with our faith in Christ will lead toa great movement of disciple making.  This will cause growth in our communities and growth in the Kingdom.  There are lives out there right now that are in turmoil, but Vicinity Ministries is using an innovated way to reach and share the hope of a better life with them.

-Pastor Joshua D. Cook