What is a mission outpost?

Mission Outposts have been used throughout history

     Typically used by the military, mission outposts were a smaller extension of a group that were a certain distance away from the main base. These outposts created a broader scope of coverage in the mission at hand.  A base may have been effective as one whole unit, but the effectiveness greatly increased through the method of mission outposts.

The main idea is the reach of a particular movement

     As Vicinity answers the call to make disciples and share the love of Jesus to those around us, we begin to examine the “Reach” of our congregation.  We believe that reach+gospel=impacting lives.  The more mission outposts we have, the larger our reach will be.

Mission outposts are


For Vicinity Ministries, mission outposts are smaller extensions of the Home Base.  They are more than just small groups for discipleship as they function as a congregation through fellowship, discipleship, local evangelism, compassionate ministries, and giving.

     These mission outposts are led by house leaders that are trained and equipped to guide people closer to Christ.  We walk beside these leaders and everyone in each mission outpost are part of the Vicinity family.  Even as people give to Vicinity, 75% of those offerings go to the local mission of each mission outpost.  Those funds then go directly to making a difference in people’s lives.

These micro-congregations create movements in their towns

Let us take Glouster, Ohio as an example.  Glouster is 20 minutes away from our Home Base in The Plains, Ohio.  The town holds a population of about 1,800 people and 720 homes.  Even though it is 20 minutes, it would be difficult to connect the population to the Home Base for all worship times and events.  However, if we could place a mission outpost in Glouster we could bring worship opportunities, poverty and addiction ministries, and so much more RIGHT in the town. 

This would be a mission outpost that enables the Vicinity to “Reach” to Glouster to help the community and to spread the hope of Christ.  Glouster represents over 100 towns across our state that Vicinity could reach to.


-Pastor Joshua D. Cook