No Steeple Needed

It is not a rejection of Sunday Church,

but an expansion

     I get it.  I feel it.  I’ve embraced it, I’ve learned from it, and I’ve grown from it.  I am talking about this status quo of church in America with the Sunday morning worship and the steeples that reach into the sky.  It’s how I was raised and it is how I met God.  Even today my preference of worship is in a sanctuary surrounded by my brothers and sisters in Christ as we go through the typical Sunday morning routine.

      However, that is MY story that has created MY preference of worship, discipleship, and fellowship. The Holy Spirit is not limited to my story.  In fact, I have tried to cram the abilities of God into the box of my understanding.  God has freed me from the “This is how we DO church” mentality.  He has ushered me into this “Let’s BE the church” way of life.  It is not a light switch that I turn on when I walk under the steeple, and turn off when I leave.  It is an everywhere at all times journey with Christ, empowered by the Spirit, and anointed by the presence.

       I love the church, and I love gathering on Sunday mornings in a building with a steeple on top.   I also understand that this method is not the only way. Jesus discipled people on the side of a mountain, Paul and Peter did it from homes and street corners.  At Vicinity, we embrace the Sunday Morning worship, but we also expand that worship, discipleship, and fellowship to mission outposts/home groups throughout the land as well.  Steeples are great, but  they are not the main event.

 -Pastor Joshua D. Cook